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Meet Stan

Stan McQuay has been an icon in the fitness and bodybuilding industry for over 25 years obtaining professional status in two of the major world bodybuilding organizations (IFBB and Musclemania) and has qualifed for the Olympia 5 times. His work ethic, self-discipline and determination to succeed are unquestioned. Having graced over 100 book and magazine covers worldwide and hosting his own TV workout shows on ESPN, FOX and The Discovery Channel, his name is synonymous with fitness. After turning IFBB PRO at the 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships, McQuay used his notoriety and now 27 years of private training experience to establish Physique Incorporated, thereby becoming a major player in the “celebrity market.” In just the first few years of business, McQuay’s client list had become a who’s who of entertainers and athletes, including the likes of rappers Dr. Dre and Xzibit, from the movie 300 – Gerard Butler, Fast & Furious Star – Vin Diesel and UFC world champion Georges St. Pierre, as well as several IFBB, NFL and Major League Baseball players. Stan McQuay has raised the bar in the world of fitness even higher. Having been a proven champion throughout his life, both as an athlete and elite trainer, he took a step even further to dispense his knowledge and experience in maximizing physical performance by creating the now industry leading PHYSIQUE INC.

Meet Ronny

Ronny Camacho is a renowned Celebrity Trainer, Wellness/Life Coach, accomplished Motivational Speaker, and martial artist with over two decades of experience in transforming people's lives. Ronny's journey into fitness started with weight training after high school, but his lifelong passion for martial arts led him to develop a holistic approach to coaching, aligning the mind, body, and spirit to achieve optimal wellness. While attending the University of Hawaii, Ronny watched his first bodybuilding show in 1996 where Shawn Ray was guest posing and immediately became hooked. He pursued bodybuilding by moving to Los Angeles in 1999, and he has since achieved numerous accomplishments, including the 2003 Tournament of Champions overall title, the 2004 Mr. California title, and Best Poser in the 1999 Paradise Cup in Hawaii, which was the first show he ever competed in. Ronny's expertise in nutrition, weight training, body mechanics, and mental preparation has helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals and transform their bodies. He believes that a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the key to living the best life you deserve, and his holistic approach to coaching has helped clients attain a balanced lifestyle and overall well-being. In addition to training his clients, Ronny also mentors young Personal Trainers to help them reach their full potential. He is a passionate and accomplished motivational speaker, inspiring people to transform their lives through his personal journey and insights. Whether you're a celebrity looking to get in shape for an upcoming project, an athlete striving for peak performance, or simply someone who wants to lead a healthier, happier life, Ronny Camacho is here to help. With his vast knowledge, expertise, and holistic approach to coaching, he'll guide you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Meet Walker

Being an athlete my entire life, and always being active, led me to pursue weightlifting on my own from the age of 14 up until now. When High school ended and sports turned from competitive to only recreational, I found a new way to challenge myself in the gym. In college just lifting weights for fun transformed quickly into bodybuilding. I began to focus on gaining and losing weight, putting on muscle and burning fat, and the different ways/methods to go about it. This led to me coaching several of my friends, and then eventually after leaving school, it caused me to become a personal trainer and online coach. I have worked with people from all different ethnic backgrounds, different careers, ages, races, and allergen restrictions. Contact me and let’s get to work today!

Meet Dave

Coach Dave Kalick's track record speaks for itself. Dave has coached multiple clients earning their IFBB pro cards. Over the years Kalick has prepped clients in a variety of classes including Mens open, 212 bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Women's Figure and Women's Physique. He has had numerous Champions compete in the most prestigious shows such as the Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic including Physique Inc founder and fellow coach, Stan "The Man" McQuay who has had 5 IFBB Pro wins and 4 trips to the Olympia with wins spanning over the 202, 212 and most recently the Classic Physique division. Coach Kalick has been involved with bodybuilding ever since doing his first teenage show back in 1986 as a junior in high school. Dave is known throughout the bodybuilding community for bringing his clients into shows with extreme conditioning! He has the unique ability and instinct to make changes in foods and supplements during his clients preps carrying them through sticking points to achieve this advanced conditioning. Coach Kalick's passion is high, while working with his clients he puts his heart into all of his athletes simply wanting to help everyone achieve and exceed their fitness goals!

Meet Kyle

Kyle Panela is a transformation specialist with a bachelors degree in technical sciences. He takes a very science based approach to training and nutrition. He has been a certified personal trainer with NCSF (National Council of Strength and Fitness) since 2014 with an emphasis in CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), bodybuilding, biomechanics and sports nutrition. He is a nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and has helped hundreds of people over the years dial in their nutrition. Kyle is an ex-master trainer at one of the most prestigious health clubs in North America and fitness director with 10+ years of in-person training experience. He is also a nationally qualified men’s physique competitor ranking in the top 10 in the nation. It is clearly evident that fitness, nutrition and helping others will always be a true passion of Kyle’s and he looks forward to sharing his knowledge, experiences and skill set with other like minded individuals.

Meet Ken

Ken Garcia is a Classic Physique IFBB Pro. He earned his pro card at the prestigious NPC USA’s Championships, where he placed first in his class, with that being his second National show (placed 4th the year before). Ken comes from an athletic background, having played a multitude of sports including track and baseball, throughout middle school and high school. He found his passion in bodybuilding shortly after he finished high school, and has been lifting weights for nearly 11 years—immersing himself in the bodybuilding sport. Ken is a middle school teacher and the fulfillment he receives from helping people learn and achieve their goals is something he still carries as a Trainer, Nutritionist, and Online Coach certified through both NASM & ISSA. Ken also has experience has a PT Director and Master Trainer at LA Fitness, performing as a lead in the regional district. Additionally, he now runs his private personal training and posing business in the Burbank/ NoHo area. Being an IFBB Pro athlete, personal trainer, nutritionist, and online coach makes Ken a well rounded individual—making him a perfect example of someone who lives and breathes fitness and bodybuilding, suited for anyone who is serious about making lifestyle changes and accomplishing their fitness goals. Ken Garcia ForKen Fitness IFBB Professional Classic Physique ISSA & NASM Certified PT & Nutritionist Instagram: @_forken Facebook: Ken Garcia

Meet Eric

I am a professional bodybuilder with over seven years of experience in the sport. I am excited to be re-joining physiques inc. and can't wait to work with everyone. One of my biggest accomplishments was turning pro in 2017 after winning Class B in the NPC USA's competition. What's even more impressive is that I achieved this after only 2 classic physique shows, where I placed 1st in both. I started my journey in men's physique and still placed in the top five in my first show ever. Even after knee surgery, I managed to place in the top 5 at the Muscle Contest South West Classic(Olympia qualifier) have been an IFBB pro for 5 years and have coached and trained clients for over 4 years. My coaching experience includes two 1st-place finishes and 1 overall in men's physique(2019 and 2023) as well as 2nd and 3rd-place finishes in two bikini competitions(2019) My favorite muscle groups to train are legs and back, and I am excited to bring my passion and knowledge to the team with the help of (you, Stan, etc) For me, it’s full circle as I started my bodybuilding career with physique inc. And now being able to come back and be a part and coach something special, I can’t wait.!

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