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Champion Bodybuilder

Stan McQuay

Champion BodyBuilder

Ronny Camacho

Champion Bodybuilder

Andrew Walker

Champion Bodybuilder

Dave Kalick

Champion Bodybuilder

Kyle Panela

Champion Bodybuilder

Ken Garcia

Champion Bodybuilder

Eric Brown


Reviews from you

Man, Ronny Camacho is amazing! He was such an incredible coach and I enjoyed my experience with him for the 6 months that I was with him training and getting prepped for my next competition. He helped me get through some of the lowest of the lows when I had no energy, no desire, and no will to even want to compete. He came in with his motivational words of wisdom and set me right. He's the type of trainer that not only gets your training program together, but he gets your life right. He has a certain amount of knowledge and wisdom that only comes with age and experience and my experience with him changed my life for the better. Not just in my fitness life, but in my actual life. In general, Ronny Camacho was one of the best parts of my training because he motivated me to want to do good for me and it wasn't about the destination it was about the journey that you were on. Brian Ventimiglia

Brian Ventimiglia

I have had the privilege of working with Stan even before Physique Inc. Not only was he my coach, but my trainer as well. Working one on one with him made a world of difference. He was trained by the best, so I learned from the best. He helped me with not just competing, but also with my professional wrestling career! ~ Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton

“I linked up with Stan McQuay in the fall of 2013. At this point I had some small successes and wins in powerlifting and I placed well in a few bodybuilding shows but had yet to win one. Since linking up with Stan I have had 4 class wins, 1 overall win, and brought my best physique to the USA stage... Stan has been that guy in that he respects my desire to be very hands on with my prep and that I will probably annoy him with wanting to know "why" we do certain things...instead of just asking what to do. I couldn't be happier being part of Physique Inc and I look forward to continue learning from Stan and all the other people on the coaching staff!”

Brandon Gerdes

“I’ve been working with IFBB Pro Stan McQuay for just over 2 years now and I can’t be happier with the results that I’ve gotten from working with him and the coaches at Physique Inc. His attention to detail, and consistent communication through all 5 of the shows we have done together shows that he is definitely a first class trainer and coach. And the training programs that he sends after every update ensures that I am targeting my weak points so that I can bring a great physique on, and off the stage. I can’t wait to see what we have in store for 2018, but fingers crossed, I will go pro and continue my fitness journey here along with the other pros on Team Physique inc!”

Clarence McSpadden
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